Hi I'm Julia! I'm a budding statistician and political consultant!

I play an insane amount of video games. Right now I'm in love with Mass Effect, The Wolf Among Us,The Walking Dead Game, Animal Crossing, and The Last of Us.

Sometimes I even draw things. Mostly I just reblog things using a poorly managed tagging system.

Drop me a message! I'm always looking for more friends :)

If you want to hang out in my Animal Crossing town, my friend code is: 5386 8052 9967!

I really like space.


walk up to the club like no i can’t take these sunglasses off do u want everyone to die

(aka julia goes to the superhero party as the biggest dork to ever dork)

9:37pm · Saturday, April 6th, 2013 · 5 notes
tags » yes these are my true costuming abilities · kneel before me · xmen · cyclops · x-men ·
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